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Everyone dreams of white teeth. Now that dream can be a reality. What Can Whitening Do for Me? Let your confidence smile through: Our daily diets discolor our smiles. Red wine, berries, cola, smoking and simply growing older mean our teeth begin to dull as we age. A whiter smile helps us feel more confident, make a striking first impression, look younger and gives us beautiful photographs.

How does it work?

A whitening treatment is a simple process. Your whitening appliance is custom fit to you and your mouth. Your dentist will take a simple impression of your mouth so a custom fitted whitening tray with whitening gel can be made for you by a dental a dental technician. Your dentist will expertly guide you through the possible shades of whitening for your teeth and help you find a level that is both complimentary and natural for your smile. Is it Affordable? Yes. A whitening treatment is one of the most cost-effective cosmetic treatments available.

How does it compare against over the counter remedies?

You get expert guidance from a trained medical professional, who creates a custom fit product for you that starts to work straight away. A counter remedy has no advice / support beyond the leaflet that comes with it. There is no comparison. What to do next? Ask your dentist about whitening treatment options

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