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Cosmetic Dentistry …a lasting natural smile

We appreciate the importance of a confident bright smile. We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments including veneers, crowns, bridges and orthodontics. They help to straighten teeth; close gaps and give new life to discoloured and broken teeth. Working closely with our master technicians we use only the very best materials and latest techniques to give you a lasting smile.

Crowns: Cover damaged or unsightly teeth. They are carefully created to improve the natural look of your smile.

Sergejs Grihanovs
Karina Grihanova

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Veneers: provide a wafer thin mask to hide discoloured or chipped teeth.

Bridges: We can firmly fit a replacement tooth or teeth which are then attached to adjacent teeth.

Natural coloured fillings: unsightly or metal fillings can now be replaced with natural coloured fillings to enhance your smile.

Gap Closure: Using the latest dental adhesive techniques gap closure can usually be achieved in one visit.